About us


In 1929 Castiglione Jewelers was founded by Louis Castiglione, Sr. at the young age of 25. With only $75.00 in his pocket and needing $50.00 for the first month’s rent, that left him $25.00 to build Castiglione Jewelers, Gloversville’s hometown jewelry store. Louis Sr. started as an optician and clock maker before becoming a master jeweler. After many years, Louis Sr. retired and passed Castiglione Jewelers to Dr. Louis Castiglione, Jr. who received his PhD from New York University and then went to school at the Gemological Institute of America to become a Certified Gemologist Appraiser. Now after 84 years of hard work and dedication to the community, Louis Jr. is passing Castiglione Jeweler’s to 3rd generation, Andrew Castiglione. His son Andrew will uphold the standards and integrity of the Castiglione name serving the community with customer service and great value.

Castiglione Jewelers'  website  offers an even more comfortable shopping experience that allows easier access to the merchandise you're looking for. We take pride in offering you our expanded jewelry collection.
Castiglione Jewelers' longstanding relationship with established global sources of quality goods allows it to provide its clientele with exceedingly competitive margins.
Castiglione Jewelers primarily supplies the public with certified (GIA & EGL) and non-certified (commercial) stones from its extensive inventory of larger sized loose diamonds.
Castiglione Jewelers provides beautiful jewelry and custom-designed pieces to the public. For more information about one of our finished pieces or to inquire about your own custom design, Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.